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Crystals - Gems - Minerals - Healing Tools


Welcome to Altar Space

Hi, I'm Nan Olson.
I have been a Collector for 40 years and created AltarSpace to sell at shows and directly work with Discerning Clients since 1996.

My collection contains a Variety of One-of-a-Kind  Collection Quartz, Unique  Selected Colored Minerals, and Exceptional Energetic Visionary and Healing Tools.

Altar Space's Reputation and Integrity,

Quality, Knowledge, and Pricing 

Stand The Test of Time.

You Certainly will Discover some NEW OLD FRIENDS ! Contact me for purchases.

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Melanie, LA:

“I have been a client of Nan Olson of Altar Space for about 20 years.  Nan has an incredible intuition when it comes to crystals, she is amazing!! She is also incredibly knowledgeable about crystals and how to work with them.  She cares deeply about her clients’ getting the right pieces and I trust her insights and intuition when I have purchased pieces both at her crystal shows as well as purchases that I have made sight unseen. They are beautiful quality pieces, have the clearest energy and always at a fair price.  Believe me when I say that as I have been to other crystal shows and stores and see the huge mark up by other vendors with less quality!  When you see her selection you will know why they are always special pieces!! “

Bessie, San Francisco:

"No words can express all that you are, Nan!!!You have introduced me to the wonderful world of crystals and over the years - from 2011- present I have amassed the most amazing collection of rocks- mostly from your personal collection !!!I treasure our friendship and will always be thankful you arrived like an angel  into my life when I knew absolutely nothing about crystals !!!May we share many more years of friendship xoxo"

Megan, Mt Shasta:

"When it comes to crystals, Nan's intuition and knowledge is beyond anyone I have met - and I work in two crystal shops! 

Nan is kind and patient; she helped me and my friends find the crystals that were right for us.

Nan has a TON of crystals, and they are really good as far as quality and prices.

Thanks Nan, for being a source of crystals that I can trust!"

Diane, Berkeley:

"I have been a loyal customer of AltarSpace and Nan Olson for over 20 years. Every crystal that I have purchased is always top quality. Nan personally hands selects all the crystals. She is a living encyclopedia of crystal knowledge. I feel very blessed to have so many cherished crystals from AltarSpace!!"

Debbie, Washington:

I have traveled all over the world and procured several crystals on my journeys. The most genuine and powerful crystals to date have been from Nan Olson, in fact, 95% of my collection now is.
Nan has the amazing ability to tune into every crystal and knows the abilities and frequencies of how to work with them. Her genuine love and connection and understanding of the mineral kingdom is like no other I have seen.
If you are looking for top quality and powerful crystals to work with and reasonable pricing, Nan is the only person that I can highly recommend to acquire these from.
In love & light


Li-Sann,Ojai, CA:

Nan O is an incomparable expert of the mineral kingdom, her breath and scope of knowledge & expertise coupled with her deep love and connection to this realm really shines through in each and every single interaction that I have had with her.
She is a wisdom keeper who draws  from her vast knowledge of ancient civilizations and deep mysticism to connect the amazing  high vibration beings in her keeping with Light Workers and Seekers to support their personal and professional work.  
I know that my life has been expanded and up-leveled from meeting Nan, and working with some of her amazing collection of beings.
She is definitely my first choice always for super mineral kingdom beings, and the deep wisdom that she imparts.
Ojai, CA

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Serving clients in the USA for over 25 years
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